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FT-19 Apache | Fans Toys

FT-19 Apache | Fans Toys


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Product Specs

Manufacturer Fans Toys
Size 9.4 inches
Scale Masterpiece Scale
  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Case Fresh From a Factory Sealed Case
Alt Mode Helicopter

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Estimated Arrival: February 2024



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Product Description


FT-19 Apache | Fans Toys

ToyGeek code: FT19APAC

FT-19 Apache takes your collection to the next level with this Masterpiece scaled, highly articulated 3rd Party transformable figure.  This figure stands 9.4-inches tall in robot mode and is a triple changer that transforms from a Helicopter to futuristic car to robot and back.  FT-19 Apache is Masterpiece scaled and will scale to other Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece series figures, 3rd Party Masterpiece scaled as well as other Fans Toys items aleady in your collection.


Fans Toys creates some of the most popular, coolest and creative premium 3rd Party figures available around.  Fans Toys produces Masterpiece-scaled figures that are full of detail and the ideal collectible for the serious collector.  Each Fans Toys 3rd Party figure is manufactured to the highest standards. Most figures contain highly detailed, die-cast parts and you’ll find them to be versatile, articulate and durable.


Start your Fans Toys Collection today with FT-19 Apache.   Add this highly sought after piece to your collection today at Toygeek, your source for Fans Toys and 3rd Party collectible transforming figures.

Product Features

  • Toy Size: 9.4 inches
  • Scale: Masterpiece Scale
  • Alt Mode:Helicopter
  • Triple changer robot
  • Fully transformable
  • Highly articulated
  • Made of plastic and die-cast
  • Product is brand new and in mint condition

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x FT-19 Apache Figure
  • 1 x Blaster
  • 1 x Sword

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Fans Toys FT-19 Apache in helicopter mode

Fans Toys FT-19 Apache in futuristic car mode

Fans Toys FT-19 Apache in robot mode

Fans Toys FT-19 Apache with other Fans Toys figures (sold separately)

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars overall


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July 12, 2023

I was impressed how well the sizing and articulation was for this figure very quality going to be buying more fan toys transformers now

September 29, 2022

I have the original version of this figure and love it so I bought the reissue to transform it's great fun and go fans toys

Rochester, NH

September 12, 2022

This is Fanstoys! Nuff said!

Sioux falls, SD

August 24, 2022

Not perfect but not far from it.
Hands down the best looking chest of all versions of Springer that can be found. Solid figure.

April 29, 2022

Screen accurate, well made and i got him for a good price.

April 14, 2022

I was happy to receive Apache, the figure is pretty but it came without the blaster. Wrote to customer service and they answer with an apology asking for photos, send the photos as soon as I could and never heard back from TF source again.

February 18, 2022

over all not a bad figure. a couple of the screws on him were a bit rusted. found those when i tried to tighten up his crappy loose feet. those are the only two issues i have with him. hindsight, i should have gotten xtb virtus

Quebec, QC

October 26, 2021

I love transformers Fan Toys great and very solid.

Sun prairie, WI

September 24, 2021

This guy looks amazing! I thoroughly enjoy him, especially after applying the Toyhax decals. People complain about the feet and the car mode but honestly it’s the best you could get and still have it function. The transformation takes a few times to get used to, but once you do it’s amazing. The level of engineering that went into this triple changer is incredible. He’s solid, heavy thanks to some die cast, and posable. In fact, I have several official Masterpiece figures and they have a thing or two they could learn from FansToys. Namely the hands. Each finger is articulated and the gun/sword connection is so much better than the standard Takara hands. No risk of it falling out here, or accidentally breaking a thumb off trying to get it in/out.

Fargo, ND

August 10, 2021

This is hands down the best Springer that I have ever seen. I was skeptical about the price at first but as soon as I handled it, no more! Absolutely perfect in my opinion. Don’t wait to long though he may get scarce the more people realize you’ll never find a better Springer.

Bronx, NY

July 22, 2021

This guy just arrived and I can't stop looking at it. More "heroic" proportions than the cartoon, but still the spitting image of it - especially that face sculpt. Car mode is a bit long but the copter mode is money. Heavy and sturdy as is usual with FT. Painted expertly is s usual with FT.
I know some are waiting for XTB's Virtus, and being last you'd EXPECT them to be the best but I for one have my Springer.

Lenexa, KS

April 20, 2020

This is a hunk of man, every mode looks great, typical Fanstoys in almost every way including tight joints that make transformation a chore. Good regardless.

Alta loma, CA

January 15, 2019

AAwesome piece very sturdy if you feel the diecast metal or plastic a great addition to your G1 collection

Sacramento, CA

January 12, 2019

Springer was my first third party Transformer, and I received him as a gift last year. I love this character in the movie and think he is wonderfully detailed with the die cast parts and real chunky portions that make him feel like more than "just" a toy... but this transformation sequence is seriously finicky, and I won't be transforming him much if ever. Glad his robot mode is just so perfect!

Brooksville, FL

December 14, 2018

Springer is in my top 5 of Transformers characters, maybe in my top 3. So, if was inevitable that I would eventually get Fans Toys' version of him. He's fantastic, The color scheme is just right, the face sculpt as usual, is well done, and the diecast is the perfect amount, and placed where it should be. The car and copter mode finish 3rd and 2nd, in comparison to the awesome robot mode. But I find them good, even though the car mode is a little longer than it should be, and the helicopter mode gets a little narrow midway down. in the tail section. The front in copter mode makes me think of Jimmy Durante. But, it still gives a solid, stout impression regardless. The leg transformation is a typical FansToys mess, but boy, does he clean up well when in robot mode! I favor Unique Toys a little more overall, due to it's fun, and enjoyable balanced transformation, and it's 3 modes look more accurate to the cartoon. But FansToys Apache is just so beautifully done, especially the Robot mode. Quality plastic, paint, and sculpt as always. I now have 4 MP styled Springers, along with a few other variations of him, and FansToys version is #2 for me, and I'm very happy with him.....worth the price, and very recommended! XTransbots Virtus is next.....

Broomfield, CO

November 17, 2018

I was more pleased with this figure than I expected. His representation of Springer fits well with the movie and the aesthetic of other FansToys figures. He feels very solid, and his transformations into vehicle and helicopter alt modes result in solid-feeling forms. He feels as high quality as Sovereign (Galvatron). Yet, his transformation is a bit fickle because the instructions are not clear enough with what to do with his legs. But, after a few transformations, he seems simple enough. I will note that my copy required surgery on the foot to remove excess plastic material that kept the foot from extending flat in helicopter mode. On the up side, the effort to cut the plastic off and durability of joints proved Apache is made of high quality materials. Buy this guy if you have been on the fence. I was, and glad I got off and bought him.

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

October 12, 2018

All around a great representation of Springer.

The only criticism is that his hands and forearms are very large, and if you stare at him long enough, he starts to look like a Sasquatch.

Ormond, Victoria

September 14, 2018

While he does look good transformed. Most of the transformation action is in his legs, instructions don't make things too clear. And he's surprisingly fragile.

Chicago, IL

July 09, 2018

The bot mode is the clear winner here because I'm not a fan at all of either alt mode. The windshield is too small and both alt modes are badly flawed. They have done great with keeping the color scheme as close to the cartoon, and the head mode is really good. This is a solid figure, but it's just not the Springer I envisioned. Side note: I don't think any company will be able to perfect this guy, but this is as good of an attempt as most will see.

Wexford, PA

June 01, 2018

This figure in robot mode is beyond amazing, BUT the transformation is made impossible by incredibly complicated feet/legs moves that are utterly unexplained by the useless photo-only instructions. For this kind of money, I would’ve expected supporting materials (i.e. step by step instructions) or perhaps a more interactive website with some how-to videos. I understand that this is a Chinese company and they may not feel it necessary yet to provide more support for American customers, but if I can’t transform my Transformer, then what am I paying for?

Calgary, Alberta

April 19, 2018

Springer has always been one of my favorite post TF:TM characters, and I was pretty excited for this. The transformation seems a bit overly-complicated, and the instructions themselves are less than clear at times. It's tough to get everything exactly where it needs to go with so many joints and pegs.
Having said that however, it's more than just a faithful G1 tribute, and I feel like my MP figures aren't good enough to stand next to it. Is that blasphemy?

Grand junction, CO

April 14, 2018

So I was a slamdunk for fans toys! figure has remarkable heft, great articulation, and is true to the original animation model. Earlier this year I purchased Open and Play’s Big Spring and I am still happy with it. But there is truly no comparison between the two. If you are thinking about getting this figure do not hesitate! Worth every penny!! There were no QC issues with this figure. The instructions could have been a little clearer in some spots, but not hard to figure out. The car mode was the weakest because I felt it was a little too long but that’s just my preference. The helicopter mode is amazing though the rotor blade does not turn as freely as I would like but again, forgivable. This, for me, is the definitive representation of this character and will go well on my masterpiece shelf


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