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TW-06B Devil Star Purple Version Convention Exclusive Limited Edtion and Tracks | Toyworld

TW-06B Devil Star Purple Version Convention Exclusive Limited Edtion and Tracks | Toyworld


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Manufacturer Toyworld

MIB (Mint in Box), Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case

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TW-06B Devil Star Purple Version Convention Exclusive Limited Edtion and Tracks | Toyworld

ToyGeek code: TWD06TFC

This limited edition exclusive Evila-Star figure by Toyworld features a more cartoon/anime accurate color scheme! Devilstar is a triple changing devastation!

Figure is approximately 8.5"/22CM long in train mode and changes from train to space shuttle to robot and back!

WARNING: All items sold by Toygeek are intended for adult collectors. Items may have small parts or other elements not suitable for children under 16 years old.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars overall


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Santiago, RM

June 17, 2017

Man this is a great toy! Train mode is by far my favourite mode, very detailed and there is simply no way you can tell it transforms into a shuttle. The metal tracks included (very hefty and heavy) help to achieve the overall look in train mode. Shuttle mode is great too but as many have said the rod that connects the wheels in train mode is left hanging though you can get it to hide in certain angles. I like robot mode but I feel the head is a bit small in comparison to the body. Unlike the other reviewers I didn't have issues with the wings staying up and the metal rod that hangs can be trapped between the tip of the wing that you have to fold up in transformation so it doesn't show. Overall is a 4.5 for me. Very happy with my purchase.

Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do

January 12, 2017

very good product.

Winder, GA

December 13, 2016

I too jumped on this one during the Black Friday sale as it appears so many others did. At a $60 price point I'm okay with it... but if I had paid full price I'd be kicking myself.
The train mode is the best of the three modes. Very clean looking train that's very close to the cartoon. This mode gets a 8 out of 10. The shuttle is a close second but points are lost due to the train wheels and tie Rod just hanging out underneath the wings. Is this really the best they could do with this?
Lastly, the robot mode.... it's OK if you want something that looks like the G1 toy, but it looks nothing like the cartoon. The wings will NOT stay put in bot mode. I display my figures in bot mode so this is pretty disappointing. He's smaller than leader class CW Seekers which adds to the weird factor on the shelf.
The transformation on this guy takes a lot of tinkering to get right. If you like that sort of thing you'll love this guy. Just don't plan on getting help from the instructions. The best video I found to help was by breaux man.
Bottom line... it's ok if you grab him on sale.

Los angeles, CA

December 06, 2016

I passed on ToyWorld's take on Astrotrain, Evila Star, in favor of the bulkier Chigurh from DX9. However, I went for the variant color Devilstar version when TFSource had it on special. Normally I don't double-dip on characters, but Devilstar is really good - arguably better in some aspects than Chigurh, and another one of ToyWorld's complex and well thought-out transformations. Devilstar also comes with a segment of metal train tracks perfect for display - it looks great with the train mode.

Both locomotive mode and shuttle mode are well done, shuttle especially is strong once you get the wings and tail transformed correctly. Robot mode is also pretty good - I'm not a huge fan of the head sculpt, but the included visor helps make it look better. The leg transformation is clever with a collapsing feature that isn't very obvious at first.

I wish there had been a better solution for the wheel and rod assembly that hangs off the wings in shuttle mode, and there is a bit of a droop of the wing slide in robot mode (though proper positioning of the backpack, wings and rotating back panels can help solve this).

Overall, though, another very good complex toy from ToyWorld. They don't always get the respect of other companies, but in my opinion they turn out solid product and put in a good effort.

Magnolia, DE

November 01, 2015

As you can tell, this guy clearly has alot of panels that slide and shift around. And instructions well yeah good luck with those. He is what I learned would be called a shell former. With three modes a very complicated shell former. However once all the shells are locked into place the modes I founds were very solid. My fave being the steam locomotive. But there is a little steam punk in my heart. All modes looked good as long as you got all of those panels in place. There was as issue that was reported about floppy wings in robot mode. I found with a small mistranformation. I could take his rails from his train wheels which are mounted on the back of his wings and slide them onto two panles on his back which held them up and in place nicely. Generally I am pleased with this guy. But as an adult collector who will use it as a show piece. This is definitely not a toy for kids.if I had to buy him again knowing what I know now. That's a firm maybe with the crazy difficult transformation.but he meets my needs. Oh I also chose this one over devilstar due to the colors being more G1 accurate. And I'm wondering why they didn't just do this to start with.

Marikina, n-a

October 26, 2015

One of the tradeoffs for having too many moving parts is that everything has to have proper alignment. For display purposes, that can somehow be achieved with Evila Star. It's a different story once you pick it up though.

There are two (2) things which I don't like with this figure:
- loose wheelbars in shuttle and robot mode
- very loose right wing in robot mode

What I like are the gorgeous purple train mode and the metal tracks.

Tukwila, WA

July 26, 2015

I agree with the reviews on Evila Star, the other version of this mold. There are a lot of fiddly bits. This toy would be hard to play with because as you hold it, panels pop open and shift. But it is not too hard to get everything just right to display. I wanted to get Evila Star, but I disliked the color scheme. If the entire shuttle was realistically colored, it might have been different, but the random purple bits make Evila Star neither G1 accurate, nor real world accurate. As soon as I saw this color scheme, I was hooked. It looks great.

Devil Star comes with two sections of heavy metal track for display purposes. The weight of the tracks make them a good base for the toy.

The transformation is complex and made more difficult because the instructions are tiny and leave out many key steps. The video on this site helps, but the reviewer missed a few details.

On mine, there are a few parts that are very tight and hard to get to, including the bits around the fin assembly on the chest and the toes. But the only real quality issue with mine is that the wings are very loose. They are attached fairly well in shuttle mode, and of course in train mode, but in robot mode, they are just held by their sliders (as far as I can tell). So one of the wings constantly slides down in robot mode.

Now that this toy has the proper color scheme, I would have given it five stars because all three modes look nearly perfect. Devil Star looses one star because of the loose wing, making display in robot mode impossible without having to jury rig it and for the lack of any place to put the coupling rods when not in locomotive mode, allowing them to swing about and ruin the look of the shuttle mode.


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